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Louisiana Only STATE to Mandate COVID 19 Shots for KIDS

May 14, 2022 | Featured

Did you know?  …there’s a mandate for our kids this fall to get the C19 vx

Here is an audio link to an interview Dr. Griffin did recently.  Please *share*, esp if you have FB, and want to protect our kids (and our medical freedoms and parental rights):

Trying to inform Louisiana citizens – no one seems to know this C19 vax mandate is on the books for their kids for this November!
The audio explains this …
(and yes, by law there are exemptions- but people and schools don’t know about them, or in practice they don’t work.)
What to do about it? Email your senator – and for that matter all the state senators, as this will go to a vote on the Senate Floor –  and let them know how you feel.

Two easy ways to do this:
1. Find their email on
under ‘find my legislator’
2. Or this is another ‘easy button’ to do the same-

So please share- for the sake of your kids/grandkids/niece/nephews. 🙏🏻

Part 1

Part 2