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Common sense rights and liberty. Vive la Louisiane.

About Town Hall Baton Rouge

Town Hall BR is a local organization based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that serves as an informational platform for ALL citizens. Our goal is to provide factual information and resources for those who are interested in medical freedom and basic constitutional rights. We believe that an educated mind is the most powerful tool one can have, which is why we believe in the importance of creating a site that well equips the individual. Our goal is that of truth, Holy truth no matter the cost. 

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Louisiana Legislature Incompetence: only 3 out of 50 bills passed to protect Our freedoms.

    Typical Louisiana Politics.

Louisiana Only STATE to Mandate COVID 19 Shots for KIDS

Did you know?  …there’s a mandate for our kids this fall to get the C19 vx Here is an audio link to an interview Dr. Griffin did recently.  Please *share*, esp if you have FB, and want to protect our kids (and our medical freedoms and parental rights): Trying to...


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